The Band

Devil's Heaven

The band

Marcus Nygren – Vocals
Jaime Salazar – Drums
Michael Månsson – Guitars
Jake Sandberg – Guitars
Richard Andersson – Keyboards
Jonas Reingold – Bass


Devil’s Heaven is Swedish metal group from the Malmoe region, consisting of accomplished pro-semipro musicians. The style is melodic metal of the eighties with a mere comtemporary guitar sound armour. Lyrically, they move between subjects like sex, religion, violence, and biblical revelations, paired with elements of mysticism and ockultism.
A non conformist, anti political correctness, is a significant part of their image.

DH is;
Marcus Nygren – Vocals, who has a degree from Malmoe Musical Academy, is a voice master of versatility. Marcus fronted Eight Point Rose and is the leader of the AOR act State Of Salazar, the latter with an upcoming debut album.

Jonas Reingold – Bass, also stems from the same Malmoe Faculty, is a highly skilled multiinstrumentalist, composer, lyricist, producer and arranger. Jonas has in recent years worked with Mike Portnoy
(Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, flying Colors etc), and Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard) Jonas is the bassplayer of the progressive rock band Flowerkings and leads his own eclectic group Karmakanic.

Richard Andersson – Keyboards, is an autodidact key conjuror, widely admired and copied by fans around the world. Previous bands formed by Richard are Majestic, Time Requiem and Space Odyssey, metal acts with various elements of prog.

Jake Sandberg – Guitar, is primus motor of Malmoe based Aces High and Eyes, both in the Soft Metal/AOR genre. Jake is a soulful soloist with a style predilection of the seventy’s powerrock ad modum Alice Cooper, Kiss etc.

Jaime Salazar – Drums, spans, with his phenomenal capacity, from jazz (Jonas Hellborg Group) over pop (Timbukto on Nobel’s Peace Award Show), prog (Karmakanic), to metal (Allen/Lande).

Michael Månsson – Guitars, has, with exception from a self titled album 1999 ( Mansson – Arch Of Decadence), no musical record, working as a dentist for many years. Michael describes himself as ‘a lazy TV watching bum with certain musical ambitions envisioned through the other collaborator’s skills.’

Devil’s Heaven have released their debut digital single Demerital through Helldiver Records/GMR Music, taken from a forthcoming album; Heaven On Earth, scheduled for release 25/2.